Sweet Tidings Santa Head
Sweet Tidings Santa Head
  • SKU: TF1239

Sweet Tidings Santa Head "Mug" Container - READ FULL DESCRIPTION


This perfectly retro Santa container is a wonderful addition to your Christmas decor.

Painted in traditional red and green with a holly accents and a sculpted whip cream filled lid with candy cane and sprinkles on top, this table top piece is sure to be a treasure brought out every year.

From the Shopkeeper

Hello friends! I rarely leave a personal note in the description, but for this piece I wanted to share my thoughts. This is a very unique piece - this is NOT a drinking mug. It is a container crafted to LOOK like a retro inspired Santa mug. This is crafted from resin and hand painted. The candy cane is not attached - it will arrive packaged carefully inside the container. There is a hole in the whipped topping lid for you to place it in. The candy cane is very delicate - don't force it into the hole or it may snap.  This is one of the most interesting new arrivals for the holiday season in my opinion! Love, Samantha (The Curated Squirrel)

  • Material: Hand Painted Resin and Crystallized Glitter
  • 6" x 4.5" x 6.5"

  • Bethany Lowe Designs

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