Rustic Natural Nativity  - Seven Piece Set
  • SKU: 4312116

Rustic Natural Nativity - Seven Piece Set

  • Barcode: 048893557430
  • Tags: Winter

What a beautiful and traditional element to add to your holiday home.

Perfectly neutral and in keeping with the spirit of the Christmas season, this natural nativity will surely become a beloved treasure. 

Crafted to be perfectly imperfect with a rustic feel. May feature rough edges.

  • Material: Resin
  • Set of Seven
  • Size: 3"L X 2.5"W X 12"H; 2.75"L X 3"W X 11.5"H; 3"L X 2.75"W X 11.5"H ;2.75"L X 3.5"W X 9.5"H; 3"L X 3.5"W X 9"H; 2.75"L X 3.25"W X 8.75"H;  2.5"L X 3.25"W X 2.75"H
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