A set of two large rectangular retro inspired spice canisters sit on a narrow white mantle. One reading Mr. Frostie Cinnamon is on top of a stack of three books with red covers. The container is red and white striped featuring a snowman in a black top hat, red earmuffs, a red and white striped scarf, and yellow mittens. The other canister features a winter scene with Santa on the front carrying a brown sack over his shoulder. He is wearing blue mittens. This container says Pure Ground Nutmeg.
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SOLD OUT - 9.75" Retro Cinnamon/Nutmeg Holiday Spice Canisters, Set of Two


Spice up your retro holiday design with these oversized Nutmeg and Cinnamon containers. 

Featuring Santa and Mr. Frostie, these are sure to add a sweet touch to your Christmas decor.

Cinnamon is the larger container, Nutmeg fits inside for easy shipping and storage. 

  • Materials: Metal
  • Size: 9.75"
  • Artist: Geoff Allen
  • For Decorative Use Only
  • RAZ Imports

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