Welcome to The Curated Squirrel!

The Curated Squirrel was created out of frustration. That might sound like a negative way to go into a new business, but the frustration led to inspiration and realization – I am happier when surrounded by the things I love.  It’s how I decorate my home, so why don’t I extend that philosophy into other areas of my life?

The frustration came from how difficult it can be to find certain things I collect. Limited supply and the high cost of resellers on platforms such as Mercari and Ebay began to take the fun out of something I enjoy very much – hunting for treasures!

The Curated Squirrel strives to offer you the best of both worlds: Vintage and antique inspired design, modern accessories, and prices to fit a variety of budgets. 

My husband and I spend a lot of time visiting antique stores and thrift shops looking for things that are just begging to be brought into our home. Not only is it a sustainable way to shop it’s a way to keep a connection to the past. Some of my most precious memories revolve around my grandparents and great grandparents, and the way I felt surrounded by their things as a child. When I see a midcentury modern Siamese cat lamp, I am right back in my grandmother’s “fancy” living room, with the gold carpet, huge console stereo, and floral furniture. In December that room was transformed with winking, smiling Santas, mischievous elves climbing candles, and gold chimes moving with the magic of a candle’s flame. Those are the feelings I want to relive over and over…and it’s where The Curated Squirrel began!
My store is for those of us longing for the nostalgia while also wanting to maintain a modern sensibility, for those of us who want to mix and match the old and new. While the majority of my items are vintage inspired, they are new and easily accessible – no digging or picking required! Because even though I love the digging and picking, it’s not always possible or practical! Sometimes I want it to be easy to find what I’m looking for.


So welcome to the Curated Squirrel. Feel free to wander around as long as you’d like.