Rae Dunn Stem Print Sugar Canister
Rae Dunn Stem Print Sugar Canister
Rae Dunn Stem Print Sugar Canister
Rae Dunn Stem Print Sugar Canister
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Rae Dunn Stem Print Sugar Canister

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I love sugar canisters. I just do. This one?? I REALLY love it!

It's the perfect size for storing sugar on your countertop or tucked away in your pantry. 

(I have dreams of those really nice pantries where people have pretty canisters all lined up so nicely...mine is a total jumble of Cheez-it boxes and half-full bags of rice. I need to get my act together!)

Truth time - when I first began paying attention to Rae Dunn and began collecting, I convinced myself that I hated the stem print...let's just say I have really come around because it's truly so, so pretty.

Perfect for any design aesthetic (YES! Even vintage lovers can blend this into their style!), the Rae Dunn collection is truly timeless. 

The Stem Print Collection is a fan-favorite among all Rae Dunn collectors.

This well-known collection of ceramic home decor is made using high-quality stoneware that features Rae Dunn’s unique handcrafting techniques.

Included are modern takes on classic designs from rustic kitchen accessories and Rae Dunn drinkware to eye-catching serveware and Rae Dunn pet accessories.

  • Material: Stoneware.
  • Size: 5.25"DIA x 7.5"H.
  • Food, dishwasher, and microwave-safe. May get hot in the microwave. 
  • Artist: Rae Dunn
  • Magenta, Inc.

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